Official website will be launched: 15th April 2019.
The domain name will be the same:

Registration period: 15th April - 31th May 2019

Pre-registration: there will be no separate pre-registration.

National teams: Hungary can accept about 45 countries (considering some guest teams)

Guest teams: Depending on the number of registering countries, we will expectedly have capacity to host 3-4 guest teams. Guest teams will have the opportinity to register, but final acception will be made after the closing of the official registration time (31th May).

Arrival day: 2th August 2019. Liszt Ferenc Airport, Budapest. Suggested landing times: 8:00-16:00
Departure day: 10th August 2019. Liszt Ferenc Airport, Budapest. Suggested departure times: 13:00-23:00

Please note, that August is a fest season in Hungary with much air traffic, please reserve flights in time!

More information: soon (team leaders will receive the first announcement in early March)


1. Official promo movie of the 13th IOAA on YouTube: by Jánossy, Gergely

2. Motivation-generating   short video (in Hungarian language) by Szűcs, László

3. DOWNLOADABLE DOCUMENT: 1st Circular, March 09, 2019